Bulk Cargo

Complete logistic solutions for your needs

As a logistics specialist for bulk cargo from Neuss

we offer the complete range of logistics services for bulk goods.

Our range of services extends from transport and storage to the handling of loose and packaged bulk material from and to inland waterways and coaster vessels, trains as well as tippers, silo trucks, walking floor trucks and tautliner trucks. We also offer services such as filling, transferring, palletising and weighing of big bags. On request, we can shrink-wrap pallets and mix customer materials using special mixing recipes.

Filling, transferring, mixing: No problem for us


Our experienced bulk-goods team in Neuss also takes over the stripping and stuffing of containers. We also take care of customs clearance and receive bulk goods at the seaports. And we organise the onward transport of your bulk goods by ship, rail or truck, regardless of whether you transport your goods in container or with conventional shipping.

Our medium-sized logistics company operates a new 17,000 sqm bulk goods terminal in the Port of Neuss, which meets the highest standards in terms of efficiency, cleanliness, freedom from contamination and speed. We ensure smooth handling with simple, intelligent solutions and state-of-the-art equipment. Your moisture-sensitive bulk materials will stay dry thanks to weather-protected storage, while our state-of-the-art system avoids expensive and environmentally harmful drying processes. We guarantee dry loading on trucks regardless of the weather as well as reliable incoming goods inspections.

If it is not practical to transport the goods via the Port of Neuss, we also offer other efficient logistics solutions.

We are a medium-sized logistics company that thinks internationally and also organises logistics routes from or to seaports for numerous customers without the involvement of our own facilities. This flexibility means you always get the best logistics solution.

International logistics

Diverse bulk goods

As a specialist for bulk-material logistics, we currently transport, store and handle bulk materials such as sand, gravel, building materials and minerals as well as bulk materials from the chemical industry.

We also provide services in the recycling and waste sector based on our comprehensive public certification. Due to the worldwide scarcity of resources, both the recycling of raw and other materials and the recycling of substitute fuels and waste are becoming increasingly important.

We see ourselves as part of this environmentally friendly development, while at the same time focusing on the business side of things.