About us

Complete logistics for bulk goods from Neuss

M. Zietzschmann GmbH & Co. KG is an independent family-owned business

domiciled at the inland port of Neuss-Düsseldorf with a current headcount of 50. Besides of our own warehousing and handling facilities we are operating as a classic forwarder. We bring your cargo to your client at the right time and as cost-efficient and eco-friendly as possible. We live the modal split by using all common ways of transporting (barge/coaster, rail, truck). Due to our company structure we are able to offer you the best logistics chain and act only in your interest.

We see ourselves as a European logistics partner for you. Besides our activities at the inland port of Neuss-Düsseldorf we operate at the so-called ZARA-seaports (Zeebrugge, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp) to import or ex-port your bulk and break bulk cargo. We not only transport and warehouse the cargo but also offer customs clearance and consignment services as well as the distribution to the backyard of your customer.

Tradition and experience

Max Zietzschmann founds the company in Duisburg


After the founder's death, Carl Klepzig continued the company - initially together with his widow Zietzschmann.


Establishment of an independent branch in Düsseldorf together with Otto Haberland in the legal form of a general partnership


Establishment of a dependent branch in Neuss


After the death of his father, Karl-Otto Haberland takes over management and partnership


Separation and independence of the Neuss-Düsseldorf branch from the Duisburg headquarters in the form of a GmbH & Co. KG.


Günter Haberland takes over the management after the death of his father, Andreas Haberland leaves as a partner, conversion into GmbH & Co.KG.


Construction of a trimodal dry handling facility at the main plant in Neuss port

ab 1983

Takeover of a bulk goods terminal in the port of Neuss


Tobias Haberland becomes - together with his father - managing director


Modernisation and conversion of the bulk terminal at the Port of Neuss into one of the most modern and flexible storage and handling facilities in the region.


Acquisition of another trimodal general cargo terminal in the port of Neuss consisting of a warehouse of 8,700 sqm including three indoor crane systems as well as open spaces of 15,700 sqm with two additional external crane systems


Acquisition of a new warehouse in the port of Neuss.


Establishment of an approximately 750 kWp solar panel array system on the roof of our warehouse at Terminal Königsberger Str. 29 in Neuss. This installation produces approx. 600,000 - 700,000 kWh of clean energy annually, which corresponds to a CO2 saving of about 400 tons.


New construction of a portal crane system (16 t) for the trimodal handling at Terminal Düsseldorfer Str. 31 in Neuss


Acquisition of a new approximately 6,000 square meter trimodal, multi-purpose terminal, in the port of Düsseldorf with a covered storage capacity of approx. 3,700 square meter.